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About Us…

3 Point Real Estate is a licensed real estate brokerage who specialize in real estate, construction, investment properties, and property management. We are a professional, reliable, and courteous Sacramento based Management Company that is here to help owners and investors manage the day to day details of owning an investment home. We have a unique perspective which allows us to realize each owner and each investor are different and have different needs. We gain this unique point of view due to the fact we are in the home investment business as well. Being investors helps us to relate and understand your needs, and In return gives you the peace of mind that is hard to find with other companies.
handymanAnother unique service we offer is our “in house” construction company. Since we do all the work ourselves there is no price gauging, no built in profit, and no up charging on any of the repairs we do on the house. We get the fairest deals in town. Also because we do the work ourselves we can ensure the job gets done in a timely manner, and remain in constant communication with the workers so you won’t have to. Through our construction company we can help repair or maintain the property until you are ready to sell it or rent it out

3 Point Real Estate is a one stop shop for all your real estate needs. This means if you join our onestopshopservices we can help guide you with your investment endeavors, and we can represent you in all your real estate transactions (buying more properties, disposing of properties or exchanging of properties). If you decide to rent your property out we will take on all the property management duties until you are ready to sell the property. We work close with lenders to evaluate your property so you are aware of the market value. We have constant investor’s workshops to give out advice to help manage your investments. Finally when you are ready to sell we can represent you in that transaction as we are seller’s agents as well. We are the true definition of “The one stop shop to all your real estate needs”

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Home     Services     Goals     Prices     Available Rentals     Testimonials