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Like any successful business we have goals. Our goals are the following: to protect your property, increase your net value, sustain steady and reliable cash flow, minimize vacancy period, and most importantly focusing on the needs of the owners/investors in order to build a long lasting relationship.

Protect your propertydownload (2)

Our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. This means we will only rent your property out to the most qualified and responsible tenants available. We are able to do this through our extensive screening process which includes, the in home interview, reviewing their proof of income to make sure they make three times the rent, and checking with their previous landlord to get an up to date rental history to confirm they are in good standings. Another step we take in protecting your property is through the maintenance and repair services, we only hire licensed contractors who we have built a good rapport with in the past.

Treating your home as if it were our own

Increase Your Net Value –goal-setting1

It is our goal to help each owner/investor increase their net value while with our property management services. We establish this by offering educational courses and training seminars that focus on investing, investment properties, flipping houses, etc. We also have a knowledgeable staff with experience in investing and flipping houses to be a coach like adviser to you. Our advisers can help you decide the best time to buy or sell, or which properties are a good investment, or even come to you with quality investment opportunities.

We don’t believe in just sustaining your business, we believe in growing your business.

Steady and Reliable Cash Flow –House-of-Money

The main point of investing in homes is to make money. Our goal is to help make the cash flow become steady and reliable. When a house is sitting vacant nobody is making money, therefore once we get a new property our extensive nonstop marketing begins and doesn’t stop until we find a tenant. Some of our marketing strategies include but are not limited to, posting all vacant properties on our website, online marketing (Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, etc) email marketing and hard mail campaigns to prospective tenants as well as our current database of real estate clients. Another big factor in sustaining reliable cash flow is the fact we only rent to responsible tenants who have a good history of paying their rent on time and in full. We are also in constant communication with the tenants so we are aware of any issues that may affect the tenants.

 The main point of an investment is to make money. Home Investments are no different

Minimize vacancy periodsimages

Like most property management companies our goal is to rent out your house. Unlike most property management companies we won’t rent to the first tenants we find just to fill the vacancy and start collecting money. It is more important to us to find the right responsible tenant who will take care of the house and pay their rent on time. We have a dedicated staff in place to manage all the marketing, and to vet the prospective tenants quickly as to minimize that vacancy period.

Nobody is making money when the home is vacant. Let us help you find a tenant

Building a lasting relationship-download (3)

Here at 3 Point Real Estate we like to consider ourselves a personal family orientated business.  This means we treat all of our customers and clients as if they were family. We hope that after working with us you can walk away satisfied with our services, professionalism, and friendly manner in which we conduct business. We make this our goal because it is our hopes that after we work together you will come back for repeat business, as well as refer any potential clients our way.  Most of our business is referral based which is why it is extremely important to us that we provide the best quality service around.

 We are a personal family orientated business, who thrives off of referrals  

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